More Goodness

Just a short one this week, as I spent most of the day dealing with an appliance malfunction.

The Stir It Up Someday compilation is getting good reactions. Gary17 who puts out the Toronto Moon guide to live music included a nice writeup in today’s edition.

I’ve gone back and listened to the album again and continue to be impressed with the quality of this project, especially considering the challenges of working remotely in many cases.

And speaking of remote projects, here is one covering acoustically U2‘s With Or Without You. The bassist worked with me as a music teacher at a school for a year. She impressed everyone with her creativity and organization, and the kids loved her!

Until next time, be safe and be well!

One thought on “More Goodness

  1. Thank you for authoring this, and for sharing the fruits of our labor. Hillary is a lovely human being, and I was very lucky to have her say yes to what turned out to be a months-long process. In the end, we used what we had available to us to make a song and video that stems from the golden years of our 1987’esque youth. Through wonderful friends, new friends unite. Again, thanks. ❤



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