Sunday is traditionally the Christian day for spiritual contemplation, with the aim of saving one’s soul.

And what could be more redemptive than an afternoon of music at one’s of Toronto’s time-honoured temples of live music: the Black Swan Tavern.

Rather than do a standard all-Cats show though, I thought it might be more praise worthy to invite Salabama to be part of the service. If you follow the blog, you will know that he has recorded a good number of demos at ManCave Studio, so it was natural for for the Cats to be his back up band.

The afternoon opened with a energetic set of FatC originals, then a second set of Salabama songs, and ended with a third set of jammed covers. Despite the beautiful weather and the draw of the Pride Parade, we had a respectable turnout, so much so that the club has asked us back for the early fall. Dates TBC.

Thanks to the friends and family who came out, to Sal for being the inspiration for this event, and as always to NeMo and Chris for their talent and enthusiasm.

Be well!

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