Tidy Up Time

Just a quick one this week. It’s been busy and this is my second attempt to upload after finishing a full draft and seeing everything wiped out 😦

Things have been busy again at ManCave Studio. While it’s not my goal at this point to produce radio-ready recordings, it still hope to produce quality demos that clients (and I) can use to secure shows or realize a fully produced song. As such, I’ve made some enhancements as shown below, which include a better storage system, a new cheap and cheerful set of matched Apex 185B microphones for drum overhead recording (and using the ORTF configuration which I have just learned about), and a spiffy new recording desk which you can see better below, and makes for more ergonomic and airier setting.IMG_0923



With that as a preamble, and some recording sessions looming, I will be starting a new series on the blog hopefully next week, and will feature songs already recorded here by other artists pending SOCAN registration. Thanks in advance to the artists for going along!

The blogs will talk about the process of recording, the choice of instruments, some technical details, and production choices. A final mix will of course be included.

So please come back and check it out. Until then, be well!


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