Pérégrination – part(ie) 3

This completes this short series of bilingual posts. However, I’m expecting it may happen again from time to time, subject dependent.

IMG_0788.jpgLac Pelletier

Nous voici enfin à l’épisode final de ce trio de blogs. Pendant ma visite récente au Témiscouata, j’ai rencontré des cousines, deux étant filles de mon oncle Georges et ma tante Georgette. Ils vivent tous prêt du domaine parental, à quelques kilomètres du village de Packington, autour d’un petit lac artificiel que mon oncle avait créé il y a bien longtemps. Voici un panorama des environs. La maison fut le point rassemblement pour de nombreuses soirées canadiennes, et un petit musée d’instruments de musique que j’ai toujours trouvé fascinants.


Lake Pelletier

While in Témiscouata a few weeks ago, I spent some time with a few cousins, two of which are daughters of my uncle Georges and aunt Georgette. They live just outside of the village of Packington, and very near and artificial lake my uncle created long ago by damming up a creek than ran through the property. A panoramic photo is included above. The house was the site of many happy kitchen parties and a bit of a musical instrument museum, which I think led to a lifelong fascination.

Quick Birthday Shoutout

img_0816.jpgLast Thursday was Gary Edward Allen‘s birthday, and he celebrated at Legends Sports Bar, at the open mic he hosts every week. A lot of regulars showed up, and at least one surprise with friend Gavin O’Sullivan (on the right) coming in from Hamilton to further liven up the evening. I think everyone had a good time. Gary along with all the other musicians in town who host open mics do a great service to the community where gigs are hard to come by. Happy Birthday, Gary!

Gig Alert  


This bunch of Cats are at Relish Bar and Grill on Saturday, September 8, 2018 for a fun evening of catchy and quirky songs. It will be our first show there with newly minted Cat Chris Bender. Things kick off at 9:30. Come for the food, stay for the music!

Looking forward to the show and seeing you there!

Be well!



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