This past Sunday, I finally made it back to Relish Bar and Grill to perform my cover of the incomparable Jace Tracz’s song “It’s That Simple“. Why you may wonder…

A few months ago, co-host David Macmichael suggested that all the regular performers do each others’ songs just to see what would happen. After a few name changes, it seems the project has settled on Relish Recovery. The concept has been greeted with great enthusiasm, and is now entering its second round. So, after much procrastination and self-doubt (how do you personalize Jace’s perfect pop gems?) I put myself out there and did it. Here below is evidence of that attempt, warts and all. Thanks to Jace for tolerating my hack of his song and Joanne Clayton for posting on Facebook. The original version can be found here.

However, the fun did not end there, as fellow regular Jody Ferrer (Jody and the Friendzone), not content with simply covering my “Difficult People”, chose to refashion it and parody it to fit my circumstance. I smiled the whole song through.


This Week at The ABC Songwriters’ Circle

It will be an eclectic mix of talent this Tuesday as my guests will be James ClarkClaire Hunter and Chris Topher. I’m not quite sure how that will blend together, but it WILL be interesting and it will be GOOD, so do come down.

I also want to give all the francophone readers out there the heads-up that the following Songcircle show on May 22 will be en français. Check out my Facebook page for more on that or here on Wednesday.

Pour plus de renseignements, prière de m’écrire à felixandthecats@icloud.com.

Special Performance

Not content with once a week at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club, I will be there again this Thursday along with country chansonnier Jeff Orson for a tête-à-tête performance (sense a theme here?). It will be in English, so all of you who didn’t pay attention in French class can breath as sigh of relief. In two weeks, it’s the full-on Cats back at the ABC on May 26 for a rockin’ Saturday night show.

I look forward to seeing you there! In the meantime, be well!



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