ManCave Rumblings

LogicThings have been busier over the last few weeks here at ManCave Studio. Besides working on my own songs, I have had the great pleasure to record good friends Sal Indigo, Gary Edward Allen, Susanne Maziarz and Steve Koller (aka Houndbelly and formerly Three Minutes to Forever), and Leanna Yamada with Chuck Majic and band. Leanna has also recorded most recently some simple solo demos of her own compositions. I want to thank all of them for putting their trust in me. It has been a great learning experience as I perfect the art and craft of recording. I am also looking forward to a visit for a producer I hugely admire, Rob Greenway (Brillianfish) for some insights and valuable pointers. These demos are still being tweaked so not ready for release, but I hope to be able to provide links to them in the near future.

This week at The ABC Songwriters’ Circle

 Last Tuesday was a lite version of SWC #23, as we were only three and the club needed to close early for renovation work. We all enjoyed great songs from my guests Andrew Mazzolin and Chris Willson, and some lovely interactions with audience members! Thanks all!

Songwriters! Now Booking for June! If you want to be part of this, email me at for more information. Please include an artistic biography and links to demos or performances online.

This week, I welcome poet, singer and mandolinist Kayt Lucas, troubadour, storyteller and songwriter Frank Patrick, and wild child Karen Wilde. It’s a special night as someone (could it be me?) is celebrating a birthday. Please come and join us at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. Until then, be well!


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