Do Unto Others

A fair amount of time this week has gone to mixing a project in ManCave Studio, and preparations for my upcoming meeting with the City to talk about the Toronto Music Advisory Council and the city’s engagement to better live music in its midst, io this one will be short.

Only got out once mid week to check out another songwriters’ circle, this time at the Painted Lady, a lovely bar on Ossington in the west end. Run by the talented Gillian Nicola, it runs in many ways like my Tuesday show at the ABC, other than being monthly, rather than weekly. Former song circle guest and honorary Cat David Macmicheal was on the bill, along with Simeon Ross and Darling Cora. It was a great show and heartening to see so many artists in the city getting a chance to feature their work in a supportive environment, and I’m very lucky to be able to help.

Left to right: Gillian Nicola, Simeon Ross, Darling Cora, David Macmichael.


The demos page just got a much needed tidying up, with all the songs posted included, and now sorted alphabetically. Twenty-two tunes are available for your listening pleasure.

FatC Revival – Follow Up

19511347_708873382619152_4997650028190465027_n.jpgFull FatC fun is coming this spring, with two shows (and potentially more) added to the calendar! The first is back at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club for a Saturday evening show on March 24, and a long-overdue return to the Black Swan on April 7. Add those dates to your calendar as I’ll be introducing new songs and the Cats’ newest addition, drummer Chris Bender, who also regularly performs with good friend Fraz Milne.

Cocooning is Tempting…

…but do try to get out to catch some live entertainment, despite the weather. This week’s ABC Songwriters’ Circle has a very interesting mix of players, ranging from acoustified metal shredding to country by way of soulful punk (yes!).

Be there and be well!



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