Excuses, excuses

cough2It’s been a rough month on the health front. Nothing major, but just annoying and limiting to plans made: first food poisoning a few weeks back from bad oysters, now a persistent summer cold probably from a fellow passenger on the return flight from Ireland who had not learned what all school kids now know: sneeze and cough into your arm.

As a consequence, I did not get to finish the new/old song mentioned last week as I’ve been too croaky to sing anything, and generally baffed out anyway. Some work has begun, so I hope it will be done for next time.

In the interim, please enjoy this read from Digital Music News, on a theme I have written about before, but explores the angle of the major labels vs. new talent (sic) Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie even better of Cash Me Outside infamy. Nice to see creative spelling making a comeback; I missed you Slade!

Until next week, I will try to be well!


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