Version 2The past week and the next are likely busy, due to report card season at work, and an upcoming show at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club on February 11. It should be a good one! The show starts between 10:30 and 11:00, as soon as diners are finished at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

So for this week, here are the lyrics only of the latest song, which is still in the midst of being tracked. Check back next week for completion. I’ll try to have it ready for the ABC.

It’s inspired by the current trend of non-stop selfies that are a sign of the times. However I did not want to infuse it with meanness; there’s more than enough of that around. So I though I’d write it in first-person and spin it to try to understand why people would post pictures of themselves so consistently. I don’t really know. It’s creative licence.

No offense is intended.


I Love Me ©2017 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats

I love me
I love me totally
So unabashedly
I love me

I love me
So self-promotingly
I love me

Verse 1
A selfie in the broad daylight
A selfie in a moonlit night
A selfie when I exercise
A selfie when I’m in disguise
A selfie when I’m looking cute
A selfie in my birthday suit
A picture tells a different story
When it’s taken in the lavatory


Verse 2
A selfie when I make a face
A selfie in my favourite place
A selfie with my favourite hat
A selfie playing with my cat
A selfie driving in my car
A selfie playing my guitar
Must share my fascination
Or is it overcompensation

A daily dose of narcissism
Wards off depression and cynicism
Better loving myself
Than hating everyone else.
Everybody look at me everybody
No, not you

Verse 3
A selfie with my mom and dad
A selfie of me feeling sad
A selfie with some long-gone friend
A selfie when at my wit’s end
A selfie often on my own
A selfie when my love has flown
A picture says it loud and clear
I will survive, and persevere

Final Chorus
I love me
I love me totally
So unashamedly
I love me

I love me
So self-supportingly
Maybe self-healingly
I love me

Until next week, be well! You can post a selfie to show it.



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