Big Weeks

It’s going to be a busy week! The band is getting together to rehearse on Monday in preparation for two shows this week: the first at the Linsmore as part of Indie Tuesday. We play from 9 to 10 so that would be a good choice for anyone wanting to catch a short, intense set without sleep deprivation at work the next day. The second show is a return to the Amsterdam Bicycle Club on Esplanade. Come down and make an evening of it, either at the Old Spaghetti Factory directly attached to the ABC, or at any of dozens of restaurants in the neighbourhood. We hit the stage at 10:30.

L to R: Lawrie Ingles, David Macmichael, Jace Traz, Henry Lees.

Looking back, it was also intense. This past week, I caught another Indie Tuesday show at The Piston, with performances by Jace Traz, David Macmichael (both of whom I have written about before) and opening the show, Lawrie Ingles and Henry Lees. Drummer/vocalist/voice actor Brilliant Fish sat in as well. All round top talent! The sound at the Piston is one of the best I’ve experienced in a Toronto club, courtesy of Richard Fairthorne.

On Wednesday, I attended the Relish benefit following the summer vandalism, where again, amongst awesome talent, there were Jace, David, Henry and Lawrie. Tyler Ellis played a set and kindly invited me to join his band, along with Lawrie on keyboard. I guess it’s time I talk about the fabulous Dr. Jingles.

Lawrie Ingles (aka Dr. Jingles) – Mild mannered bondaholic dentist and dad by day….crazy SOB with a sensitive side….by sundown. Geddy Lee and Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John wannabee…backing player to Jaimie Vernon and, occasionally, Geddy Lee! Many things to many people!

The 2012 International Pop Overthrow

Lawrie Ingles (aka Dr. Jingles) who is a lapsed dentist and self-effacing keyboardist/vocalist/bassist/guitarist/songwriter. There isn’t a song he does not like. There isn’t a song he does not know how to play.

Jaime Vernon


Lawrie and I have gotten to know each other a bit more over the last few years, and he was even invited at one point to join the Cats. He is an affable, quick-witted, and incredibly talented both as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. If he ever asks to sit in, always say yes! To hear his clever and touching original compositions, just click on his Soundcloud site.

Here is one in particular that I found richly arranged and quite moving, particularly as the father.

Until next week, be well!


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