World Music

This past week had its ups and downs. While it would have been a good challenge to sit in with Kristen Anzelc‘s band, this was not to be for reasons outside our control. Maybe it will happen in the future.

Caught some “fellow travellers” on the musical journey last night: the delightful Tyler Ellis with a new Eddy Line lineup at Relish, and irrepressible Sal Borg at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club. It was a great night of music.

poster-october-23This week’s blog will feature what is probably my most popular song (that being relative at this point), and certainly one of my favourite to perform: Movin’ and Shakin’ the World. It was also the inspiration for the 2015 poster for FATC.

This song has no specific narrative. It’s more a reflection of the times, packed with images and random thoughts that highlight some of the wackier elements. I guess what i’m trying to say is that I don’t fully understand what it means myself, but please insert whatever you believe at will.


Movin’ and Shakin’ the World — ©2009 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats

verse 1
Name droppers, social climbers
Pill poppers, golf two-timers
Pre-pubescent heart-throbs
Adolescent nouveau snobs

Blue pills, HIV
Climate change, MTV
Yahoos, tattoos
Wash your hair with kangaroos

Can’t keep it in your pants?
Then do this funky dance.

Movin’ and shakin’ the …
Movin’ and shakin’ the …
Movin’ and shakin’ the world

verse 2
Big banks, think tanks
Tell me who do we have to thank
Waterboarding, third degree
Palm readers, tea parties

ipod, ipad,
More eyes, more fads
I keep looking for the cursor
Just keeps getting worse and worser

Let’s try another stance
And do this funky dance


verse 3
Blue creatures in 3D
Timmy’s coffee, gourmet tea
Red states, blue states
Gay mate, straight hate

Sell short, no equity
Scratch and win economy
All glitz, all glam
Flim flam, thank you ma’am!

How ’bout a second chance?
Let’s all do a funky dance



Until next week, be well!


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