Mother Tongue

imageI am currently out of Toronto to visit my Papa in Québec and catch up with long ignored relatives, but will be back to prep for my return to Relish Bar and Grill this coming Friday, August 12 at 9:30. I hope to see lots of friendly faces out for this show as the venue is awesome (excellent food and drink)!

All this francophonie made me reflect that, despite a French upbringing, my répertoire includes only one song in my native tongue. Dommage.

So, until another one comes along, here is the story behind Hé! Que la vie est dûre! (Isn’t life hard, heh! — roughly translated). There will not be naming of names in this one, but it is based on a real person, but I hope the situation is sufficiently univeral to appeal to all.

It is about the kind of person that comes back into life, seeminly helpless and needing support. The caring and concern ends up rewarded by lies and betrayal, leaving the benefactor empty-handed. Of course, this is not the first time such a letdown has occured. The song is a cathartic response to that; it is not an endorsement for lack of sympathy.

The issue that complicates theproblem and can often make one feel guilty for having the feelings of resentment expressed in the song is mental illness. Anyone who has had to deal with an afflicted person will understand.

So, I would like my next French song to have a more upbeat message. Maybe family reunions or pretty French girls, if Mrs. Félix is okay with that.

Hé! Que la vie est dure!  — ©2015 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats 
Verse 1
Il y’a longtemps que tu essaies de me faire croire
Que ton malheur n’est pas ta faute
Mais voilà encore une de tes histoires
Pour faire en sorte que je te sauve
Où- où seras-tu demain?
Ce s’ra ta nouvelle aventure
Où- où seras-tu demain?
Hé! Que la vie est dure!
Verse 2
Il y a des temps où je ressens un peu d’ pitié
Un peu d’nostalgie réprimée
Mais la personne en laquelle tu t’es transformée
Me le fait bien vite oublier
Y’en a qui disent qu’ils confient leur sort au destin
Y’en a qui se pensent plus futés
Et qui vont abuser de la bonne volonté
De ceux qu’ils vont tricher
Tous ceux qu’ils vont fucker

Verse 3

Il est arrivé le temps que tu décides
Que tu s’ras maître de ton sort
Sinon je t’avertis que j’en ai bien assez
Je suis prêt à te mettre dehors

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