Side Dish


This weekend, I did a non-Félix activity and enjoyed subbing in on lead guitar with a local band called the Boogaloo at a private party near Omemee, Ontario. The site was a beautiful cottage by the lake, complete with amazing vista, a large deck on which the band could set up and friendly hosts and guests. We were extremely well fed too! The only drawback was that I did not have $300,000 handy to buy Neil Young’s childhood home.

Most of the songs were covers, but a few were originals by the singer/frontman Glenn Reid which were especially fun for me to play. I hope I did them justice. Glenn comes from a strong musical family and is keeping the legacy alive. He has enjoyed hits on the country music charts, including a #1 in Sweden (tack så mycket), and is currently working on his fourth record. Check out his website for a video of his latest. Boogaloo (with regular guitarist Ken O’ Gorman) is viewable in this one.

On bass, the man responsible for getting me this gig, was Norman Hartshorne. He and I have known each other for a few years, jamming at annual conventions related to our day jobs. Norm is a solid and skilled bassist having worked with legends Bob SegariniTerry Draper of Klaatu and many others), and a thoughtful and generous man.

Finally, on drums, was Max Styles. He and his lovely wife (and dedicated knitter) Ellen gave me a lift up to and back from the show. We had a good opportunity to chat about a common (former) employer and the state of the music business. Max can speak of it with a lot of authority having played in highly notable bands in Toronto, including Road Apple Red, Bamboo and The Kings.

All three have also collaborated with David Henman, co-founder of Canadian rock royalty April Wine. Here is a video of all four together playing one of Glenn’s songs, Workin’ Man, in Alliston, Ontario back in August 2011.

I would like to publicly thank these gentlemen for the chance to play with them, and hope we can do it again, should the need arise.




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