Curmudgeon Rock

Ok, so I complain a lot. What’s not to complain about. Last night, some unhinged intolerant shot a barful of guys just because he freaked that two men would love each other.

Still, well before that event, many of my songs had a “ranty” quality. I am not a “happy song” writer, for the most part. I may try later. Not that I am not a happy person. Perhaps that is the problem. The best blues singer sang from pain. I sing from outrage.

It’s a noble tradition. Many protest songs have resonated over the ages, dusing the 60s against the Vietnam war, and more recently in some rap against social inequity.

There is a universality about things that piss us off. It may not be the same irritant, but we all know the feeling.

And it’s a prerogative of my “golden years”. So I guess you have to deal with it until I learn to do something else.

Wish me luck.

Félix :-/

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