Less Is More?

keep-calmLast night’s show at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club was something new for FatC despite having played there a number of times. The twist came when drummer Greg Anzelc had to call in sick unexpectedly, and despite half a dozen potential other drummers being called, no one was available. The choice was simple: cancel or carry on. I chose the latter and NeMo was happily on board to try something new. We would be a Félix and the Cats of 2 (kind of a Circle of Venn thing).

So I left the electric guitars behind, and dusted off my Simon and Patrick S&P6 Cedar acoustic for the show.  NeMo brought his fretless bass. We weren’t really sure how the songs would sound redone in acoustic context, but we figured inspiration would come to us.

Well, in the end, it turned out just fine. The crowd was great, if a bit skittish about depositing to the band tip box, but NeMo and I left happy in the knowledge we have a new way to perform. Expect more of this in the next while.

Earlier in the week, I attended the Indy Tuesday show at the Linsmore. This is now my favourite venue for seeing new talent. Every show is a surprise, and this past show was no exception. The standout for me was the very original (despite a cover of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer3 Minutes to Forever (3MF for their fans).

Image courtesy of 3MF’s Facebook page.

3MF features Stevie Joe Axolotl on guitar, vocals and interesting head ornaments, the AntiChris on bass and vocals, Susanimal on keys and vocals, and Loaf on drums. Their sound is rock with a generous helping of quirkiness either lyrically (wish I hear them better at the time) and musical constructions that aren’t afraid to deviate from the norm. They play with good energy and fun, and are now on my list to see again when an opportunity presents itself.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, I include below a video recording of them performing Late Night Visitor.

Finally, and as promised last week, the actual recording of I Love Me. 

I Love Me ©2017 R. Pelletier/Félix and the Cats

Until next week, be well!


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